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Bộ điều nhiệt cho cột HPLC
SpecificationsCH-300(500) Column HeaterAble to hold single and multiple columns.Temperature range: room temperature to 100ºC.CH-600 Column HeaterPreparative grade column heater.Temperature range: room temperature to 75ºC.CH-900 Column HeaterCooling cum heating column heater.Temperature range: 25ºC below room temperature to 75ºC.Manufacture: E-chromtechLIÊN HỆ: Email: info.esteco@gmail.comĐiện thoại: +84 979 987 250..
Bộ đuổi khí chân không Degasser cho hệ thống HPLC
This on-line solvent degassing equipment is installed between storage bottle and high-pressure pump of HPLC. The mobile phase solvent enters the degasser entry through permeable membrane tube placed in a vacuum region. Because of the pressure difference of the wall of the permeable membrane tube, the dissolved gas continuously leaks out of the tube thus causing degassing development of the mobile phase solvents. The degassed gas is then moved to liquid chromatography pump entrance.More Information:ÊN HỆ: Email: info.esteco@gmail.comĐiện thoại: +84 979 987 250..
Thiết bị đo quang Spectrophotometer
Spectrophotometer SpecificationsCT-8 Series Double Beam UV/VIS SpectrophotometerCT-5, CT-6 Series Single Beam UV/VIS SpectrophotometerCT-2500 ~ CT-2800 Series SpectrophotometerCT-2300, CT-2400 SpectrophotometerCT-1500, CT-2200 SpectrophotometerÊN HỆ: Email: info.esteco@gmail.comĐiện thoại: +84 979 987 250..
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